• One small therapeutic teddy bear (13 x 18 cm)
  • Includes a cereal pouch and a machine-washable removable cover
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Made with care in Canada

Duo Béké-Moka and Moka


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Here is the perfect duo to lull your children to sleep!

The therapeutic teddy bear Béké-Moka and its big brother, the musical plush Moka, that your children appreciate so much.

The therapeutic teddy bear Béké-Moka is much more than just a hot water bottle! The effectiveness of the teddy bear comes from the osmosis of moisture caused by heat or cold. Its big brother, Moka Musical Plush with its gentle music, is a musical companion that soothes nights for bright and smiling awakenings. The violin, cello, and piano come together to gently lull your little ones, promoting peaceful sleep, reducing stress, and stimulating their cognitive function. With Moka, the magic of classical music comes to life!

Béké-Moka, the ideal companion for your little one at bedtime.

In addition to its benefits in reducing stomach aches, earaches, bruises, and everyday life’s bumps and bruises, it can be a big plus for anxious little ones. Its weight and size have been studied to provide maximum comfort to the child. Very useful in the bedtime routine or during a crisis to help relax if placed warm or cold on the chest. Through the weight of the teddy bear, the child becomes aware of their breathing and automatically slows it down. It is easy to handle and expresses its personality with a variety of playful patterns printed on soft and comforting fabric. The size of the teddy bear represents the reassuring size of a mother’s hand, and its weight allows it to be safely placed on a baby’s abdomen. The removable cover of the teddy bear is machine washable. Your child can rely on it for a very long time!

Moka Musical Plush, the gentle music to charm the ears of toddlers in search of sleep or comfort.

Moka offers the gift of authentic musicality. In its belly, you can hear the rich sounds of the piano, violin, and cello vibrate. Goodbye synthesizer sounds, hello the softness and warmth of real classical musical instruments!

An exclusive partnership between two local businesses.

After regularly seeing photos of our two plush toys, we had the idea of a partnership. This is how Isabelle and I decided to create an incomparable duo of two Quebec successes, Moka and Béké-Bobo.

Read about all our therapeutic bear’s benefits here.


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