Our selection of essentials for new parents includes a range of useful and durable products that are also super easy to care for. Because at Béké-Bobo, we know that everyday life with young children can quickly become hectic!

Our reusable breast pads

One waterproof side and one absorbent side means ultimate comfort! Let yourself be charmed by our breastfeeding pads. Not only are they machine washable and dryable, they are much more economical than their disposable alternative. What’s more, they don’t stick to your skin in an unpleasant way. Our reusable nursing pads have been designed to be subtle and not protrude from your bra. They are sold in a set of six!

What are these lovely reusable breast pads made of? Their lining is made with waterproof PUL and the inside is made with 3 layers of oeko-tex certified cotton flannel.

Our swaddle blankets

Our swaddle blanket has been designed to cover your baby well. It has two pockets to welcome the legs of a baby from 0 to 8 months old. This “sleeping bag” style blanket is very useful for walking around with your baby, since it keeps him well covered and above all, warm!

Extremely soft, Béké-Bobo’s swaddle blanket dries quickly and retains heat wonderfully. It can be used as a multilayer in cold weather or alone in milder weather. Made with premium brushed polyester, our swaddle blanket is incredibly durable. Wash after wash, it keeps its shape, texture and breathability.

Our pacifier clip

You guessed it… Béké-Bobo’s pacifier clip is obviously in the shape of a teddy bear! Very practical and ultra soft, it makes a small cracking noise when the bear is crumpled, which will delight your child!

Don’t waste any more time frantically searching for your child’s pacifier or picking it up disdainfully from the ground after your child has thrown or dropped it… Instead, simply attach it to your beautiful teddy bear-shaped pacifier clip!

Our parapipi

The parapipi protects both mom and dad from surprise pee! It is a small cone made of printed cotton and lined with cotton terrycloth, which absorbs the pee. The parapipi is easy to use: it is simply placed on the small penis during the diaper change. Sold in a pack of 5, this small accessory avoids many unnecessary washes!

Our kids bath mitt

With its adorable teddy bear silhouette, our kids bath mitt can be used as a puppet to brighten up bath time, in addition to being used to wash the child! Made with soft terry cloth, the washcloth is large enough to fit daddy’s hand.