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    Pacifier Clip – Dinosaurs

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    Pacifier Clip – Llama

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    Pacifier Clip – Unicorn

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    Pacifier Clip – Sloth

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A teddy bear-shaped pacifier clip!

Béké-Bobo’s pacifier clip is shaped like our therapeutic teddy bears. It’s equipped with a clip so you can attach it to your child’s clothes, bib or blanket and make sure that your child’s pacifier stays at arms reach, so you don’t have to look for it or pick it up on the floor!

The softest pacifier clip

Like our small and large therapeutic bears, the Béké-Bobo pacifier clip is incredibly soft. It is made with minky fabric (100% polyester) and features a lovely pattern printed on the tummy of the tiny teddy bear.

An ingenious design

To captivate your baby, the teddy bear-shaped pacifier clip makes a small cracking noise when crumpled! Your child will be able to handle it and even rub the tip of their nose with it before falling asleep.

Washing your pacifier clip

If by misfortune, your child has regurgitated on their pacifier clip or if you simply want to wash it to keep it clean, just put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, and toss it in the dryer or let it dry in open air.

Handcrafted in Quebec

Like all Béké-Bobo products, our pacifier clip was hand sewn under ethical conditions, in Quebec. So you can adopt it without a second thought!