A breathable waterproof bib

Our waterproof bib is made with PUL—an ultra-light interlock fabric (100% polyester) coated with a film that makes it completely waterproof, while still allowing air to pass through.

It includes a catch-all pocket that collects everything!

In order to fully protect your child’s clothing—down to their elegant little pants or skirts—our waterproof bib is equipped with a catch-all pocket in the front, which collects bits and pieces of food at mealtime. This practical little pocket pleases most parents, too—since it helps reduce messes around the dinner table!

It stays in place thanks to its comfortable straps

The Béké-Bobo waterproof bib can easily be slipped on thanks to its two thin straps. Please note that just because they are thin and comfortable doesn’t mean that our waterproof bib does not stay in place! Indeed, the bib is ingeniously designed so that your child can’t take it off as soon as you turn your back.

Caring for your waterproof bib is simple

Given its composition in PUL, our waterproof bib dries very quickly! If it’s quite dirty, you can run it under the tap and scrub it down a bit. If not, simply put it in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. If you are in a hurry, a quick run in the tumble dryer and you’re done!

Made in Quebec

All of our waterproof bibs are hand sewn one by one, in Quebec—under ethical conditions. We even like to say that they were made with a smile on our face!