Béké-Bobo’s hooded towel set

Our hooded towel set includes a super soft hooded towel to wrap your child in! Thanks to its ample size, it’s perfect for babies and children up to years old. The set also includes an adorable bear-shaped washcloth.

Our hooded towel

Our bath towel is equipped with a hood and provides warmth and comfort when your child steps out of the bath! Thanks to its large size, our hooded towel covers your children aged 0 to 9 years old, from head to toe. It measures 90 × 90 cm, which also makes it a fantastic towel to bring to the swimming pool! The hooded towel is made of cotton terry cloth and is sown by hand by our meticulous seamstresses.

The kids bath mitt

Loved by young and old alike, our cute bear-shaped washcloth pairs well with the hooded towel! It’s embroidered with a smile and slips on like a puppet to liven up bath time. Just like our hooded towel, this super-soft washcloth is also made with cotton terry.

A colourful bathtime!

Our hooded towel set comes in a variety of adorable designs, which will comfort your child when they step out of the bath!

Caring for your hooded towel set

Our hooded towel sets are very easy to wash! Just toss them in the machine with the rest of your wash. As for drying, it’s up to you! You can hang the hooded towel and washcloth outdoors to dry in the sun, or, if you’re pressed for time, simply put them in the dryer.

Made in Quebec

Do you know Marie-Noëlle and Irène? These two grandmothers work at home with their grandchildren. They are responsible for making our hooded towel sets! Marie-Noëlle sows the hooded towels and teddy bear washcloths, while Irene takes care of embroidering a happy smile on the washcloths.