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Béké-bobo therapeutic bears

To offer relief with tenderness and efficiency.

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Therapeutics bears

Béké-Bobo’s therapeutic products quickly help to relieve ear infections, migraines, teething and stomach aches. They are made from a mixture of cereals that release moisture when heated or cooled. It is this soothing humidity that differentiates it from hot water bottles. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes relaxation.

Our Béké-Bobo therapeutics are also recommended for breastfeeding women. When heated and applied on the breast, they provide warmth and humidity which helps to unclog milk ducts, reduces pain, and promotes a better grip of the nipple for baby.

Therapeutics are available in several sizes for helping the whole family

Gift sets

Béké-Bobo offers several gift sets, all ready to be offered! These sets are perfect for celebrating a birth, a baby shower, a birthday or a child’s party. You can also use them quite simply whenever you decide to spoil your loved ones or your own family! We are thinking of you and, with these gift sets, we hope to offer you tenderness and comfort.

Béké-Bobo's gift set : therapeutic bear, washcloth, bath towel and bib


Whether for eating or for crafting, whether for breastfeeding or for the child who is learning BLW (Baby Led Weaning), our bibs are perfect for all occasions. Please see our wide range of choices.

Béké-Bobo's bibs collection

Béké-Bobo's washcloths and bath towels for children


Our essentials are as cute as they are practical. Composed of soft and natural textiles, they accompany you during all your family moments! With bath towels, washcloths or bibs, Béké-Bobo essentials provide comfort and reassurance. We are always thinking of you and we hope to help you take care of your little ones, on a daily basis!

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