Which heating pad or hot water bottle to choose for your baby?

Before buying a baby hot water bottle, there are several criteria to consider.

What is a hot-water bottle or heating pad for babies?

It is a small bag, pouch or soft rubber container filled with cereal seeds, cherry pits, gel or water depending on the model of the heating pad or hot-water bottle. Most hot water bottles are used hot and can warm and comfort children. Some models, such as the Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear, can also be used cold to relieve aches and pains or to cool your child down in case of a heat wave or fever.

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Elements to consider when choosing a baby hot water bottle or heating pad

Heat source

A heating pad or hot water bottle for babies can be made using various heat sources.

Dry heat

Dry heat is a practical source of heat, as it is quick to heat up and very safe. If it’s used properly, it does not represent a burn risk since there is no water handling involved or risk of leakage of boiling water.

Moist Heat

Moist heat is the best solution for babies. This type of heat is much more penetrating than dry heat, which means that it works more effectively than a dry hot water bottle. It is also quick to heat up and very safe.

Water Heat

Although this option is less recommended for young children, a water bottle has the advantage of retaining heat longer than a dry heating pad. However, it’s impossible to control the temperature, which greatly increases the risk of burns to the child. 

Design and Weight

In terms of design and weight, you must ensure that the weight and size of the hot-water bottle is not dangerous for your baby. This is why it’s best to choose a model of hot water bottle especially conceived for small ones. The Béké-Bobo bear was designed to have the size and weight of a mother’s hand—offering unparalleled comfort and safety for your baby. 

Ease of Care

If you’re a parent, you know how valuable it is to surround yourself with items that are easy to clean. So you’ll want to choose a baby hot water bottle model or heating pad that has a removable cover so you can wash the cover if it gets soiled. The Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear includes a cereal pouch and a removable machine washable cover. 

So how do you wash this plush hot water bottle? It’s very simple: just remove the therapeutic teddy bear’s cover and put it in the machine with the rest of your laundry. A few minutes in the dryer or a quick air dry and you’re done!


Although there are a lot of adorable homemade dry hot water bottles, it is better to choose a hot water bottle that is certified as a medical device by Health Canada or the European Union. This way, you can be sure that the baby heating pad hot water bottle you buy is safe for your child, since it has been rigorously studied before being made available to you.

What is the purpose of the baby hot water bottle or baby heating pad?

The anti-colic hot water bottle soothes your baby’s tummy aches

It has been discovered that heat helps relieve your baby’s bloating and gas, which cause him pain. When using the Béké-Bobo bear, the moist heat released from the cereal pouch at the heart of the hot-water bottle has a natural anti-inflammatory action, which effectively relieves your child’s pain.

To relieve pain due to ear infections

When cooled, the grain filled pad soothes ear pain. It’s a must-have to get back to sleep when an ear infection starts in the middle of the night and to soothe your baby until you can see your doctor.

Treating little aches and pains

As your child learns to move around, they’ll get all kinds of little booboos: bruises, bumps, and the likes. By taking your baby’s hot water bottle or bean bag out of the freezer, you can soothe their little booboos and comfort him all in one.

To relieve teething pain

A cold water bottle placed against your child’s cheek will help ease teething pain! It’s a precious ally for parents during the teething phase.

To soothe and calm baby before bedtime

A heated teddy bear can become an important part of your baby’s sleep routine. Slip the warmed teddy bear against your child before reading them a story or singing them a song. The warm bear will have a calming, comforting effect and will help your baby fall asleep peacefully. 

To relieve breast engorgement

Did you know that a heated grain filled pad can also relieve mom’s engorged breasts when she is breastfeeding? Simply press the hot water bottle against your breast where the ducts are blocked just before feeding to encourage the flow of milk and relieve the pain. You can also apply the cold water bottle to the breast after the feeding to close the ducts and avoid milk spillage between feeds.

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How does the baby heating pad or hot water bottle work?

The Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear can be heated or cooled depending on the use. 

The heated teddy bear

To use the heated teddy bear, you need a microwave or an oven.

  1. First, remove its cover.
  2. Heat the cereal pouch in the microwave for 30 seconds at maximum power.
  3. Test the heat on your skin for a few seconds.
  4. Put the cover back on and let the therapeutic bear work, as if by magic!

If you don’t have a microwave, you can heat your teddy bear (without its cover) on the oven rack (clean). 

  1. Turn on the oven at 220 C (450 F).
  2. When the oven is hot, turn it off immediately and put your therapeutic teddy bear in the oven.
  3. Wait about 4 minutes and take out your Béké-Bobo bear to use.
  4. Don’t forget to test the heat on your skin and to put the cover back on your teddy bear.

The cold water bottle

To use the cooled teddy bear, simply place it in the freezer in an airtight bag for at least two hours. Parent’s tip: Why not simply store your teddy bear in the freezer when not in use? That way it’s always ready to soothe a new boo-boo!

A few tips for parents

Are you ready to give the baby hot water bottle or heating pad a try? Before you do, here are a few valuable tips to ensure your hot water bottle experience goes well!

  • When using a heated teddy bear, baby hot water bottle or heating pad, always remember to test the heat on yourself for a few seconds before handing it over to your child.
  • Health Canada recommends that you never leave a child under the age of 3 unsupervised with a grain-filled pad, as the small cereal inside the heating pad could be a choking hazard if the bag were to break open.
  • If your child cries for a long time or uncontrollably and you are not able to soothe them naturally, you should consult your doctor.

The hot-water bottle, heating pad or heated teddy bear: where can you buy it?

Béké-Bobo’s heated teddy bear is available for sale online on the Béké-Bobo website, as well as in many boutiques and pharmacies in North America and Europe. Find a retailer near you or browse our collection of therapeutic teddy bears on the online store… And don’t forget to pick up a spare cover (online only) for your teddy bear while you’re at it!

They adore the Béké-Bobo heated teddy bears…

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