Béké-Bobo has several gift sets for special occasions, like a birth, a baby shower, a child’s birthday party or simply to treat yourself.

Original and practical gifts

Designed for real life, our gift sets are meant to serve! Whether it’s a bib, a hooded bath towel, a small therapeutic teddy bear or a burp cloth—all of the items included in our gift sets are meant to be really useful.

And, just like everything we make here at Béké-Bobo, our gift sets have a unique visual signature! Discover our adorable therapeutic teddy bear in several forms: as a therapeutic pad and even as an ultra-cute kids bath mitt.

Ethical gift sets

Our gift sets are handcrafted with love in Quebec. So, by giving one of our gift sets to a loved one, you can assure them that their gifts were ethically made, in a cheerful environment.

The newborn baby gift set

Our newborn baby gift set includes a burp cloth, a small absorbent bib, a kids bath mitt, and a therapeutic teddy bear for the little ones, to soothe all ailments.

The burp cloth

Our burp cloth is equipped with a catch-all pocket on the back of the shoulder to collect regurgitation and protect the clothing of the adult who uses it.

The small baby bib

Our small bib protects your baby’s clothes from drool and spit up. It also helps absorb your child’s saliva when they are teething.

The teddy bear-shaped washcloth

Our bear-shaped washcloth can serve as a puppet to brighten up bath time, in addition to being used to wash your child. It is made with the same terrycloth as the burp cloth and it’s big enough to slip daddy’s hand in. 

The small therapeutic teddy bear

When cooled, our small therapeutic teddy bear helps relieve pain from headaches, toothaches and earaches (otitis) by reducing inflammation. When warmed, it diffuses a humid heat which soothes stomach aches, contractions, breast engorgement on top of helping your child relax at bedtime.

The hooded towel set

Our hooded towel set includes a large hooded towel and a teddy bear-shaped washcloth.

The hooded towel

Our hooded bath towel measures 90 cm by 90 cm. Thanks to its large size, it is perfect to wrap and dry your child after bath time, up to the age of 9. Our hooded towel can be used at the pool, at the beach or simply at home after bathtime. Its hood allows quick drying of your child’s hair. Designed to last, our hooded towel is made with high quality, absorbent terrycloth.

The kids bath mitt

With its teddy bear shape, our kids bath mitt is used to wash your child, but also to brighten up bathtime by putting it on like a cute puppet! It’s big enough for both parents to wear and soft enough for your child to ask for a wash!

The teething set

Our teething set has been designed for the appearance of your child’s first teeth. It includes a small therapeutic teddy bear and an absorbent teething bib on which you can hang a rattle, pacifier or teething ring.

The teething bib

Our absorbent teething bib protects your baby’s clothing from drool and spit up. It also prevents their clothes from being stained during meals. The bib absorbs excess saliva due to teething and can absorb up to 120 ml (4 ounces) of liquid! It’s especially useful in public places as it prevents the fall of your child’s toy, rattle or teething ring, avoiding contact with surrounding germs. Our teething bib also protects your child by preventing other children from taking their pacifier or toy and putting it in their mouths, sharing bacteria and viruses. Out teething bib has two snap closures for a perfect fit.

The small therapeutic teddy bear

Used cold, Béké-Bobo’s small therapeutic teddy bear helps relieve teething pain, but also headaches and earaches (otitis). In fact, this natural pain reliever helps reduce inflammation.

Used warm, the therapeutic teddy bear for little ones diffuses a humid heat that miraculously soothes stomach aches and promotes relaxation.