A teething bib made for real life

Our teething bibs were imagined with two goals in mind: to be more practical than any other teething bib on the market—and to be irresistible. We’re quite proud of the result! In fact, our teething bib:

Absorbs drool and liquid spills

Since it’s lined with extremely absorbent terrycloth, our teething bib can absorb up to 4 oz of fluids. Does your child drool a lot? There’s no question about it: this is the teething bib they need!

Keeps their prized teething ring or pacifier safe

Indeed—thanks to the clip at the bottom of our teething bib, you can attach a pacifier or a teething ring to your child’s teething bib. This will help avoid picking up the objects off the ground several times a day and, of course, will keep them clean in the process!

Adjusts to your child’s shape and size

Thanks to its two snap closures behind the neck, our teething bib can be adjusted to fit your child and remain comfortable as they grow.

Washing your teething bib

Here at Béké-Bobo, we know that having children isn’t always relaxing! This is why we make products that are easy to care for. So when your teething bib is full of drool or other spills, all you need to do is to toss it in the washer and dryer before fastening it back on to your child’s neck!

An ethically made bib

Our teething bib is very useful, and it’s cute, too. But did you know that it’s also made ethically? Here at Béké-Bobo, everything we produce is handmade in Quebec by our skilled (and smiling) seamstresses! When you adopt one of our teething bibs, you endorse ethical labour!