Who can use the therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up?

Our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up is suitable for children weighing more than 25 kg (55 lbs) and for adults.

If you are looking for a therapeutic teddy bear for a child that weighs less than 55 pounds, you’ll need a therapeutic teddy bear for little ones, right here.

What’s the secret behind this magical therapeutic bear?

Our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up is stuffed with a (top secret!) patented organic cereal mixture that releases humidity when it is warmed or cooled. This humidity is what differentiates the Béké-Bobo bear from a classic hot water bottle.

Our Therapeutic Bear’s Virtues 

Our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up has an anti-inflammatory effect – but that’s not all! It also helps your child relax.

The therapeutic bear quickly soothes earaches, migraines, muscular, and articular pain, as well as stomach aches.

It also soothes menstrual cramps in only a few minutes.

Adults suffering from muscular or articular pain particularly enjoy the therapeutic bear’s benefits — as do athletes after a strenuous workout.

Children of school age can reduce their anxiety thanks to the therapeutic bear’s weight and its soft, humid heat.

What’s more, our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up can also help you find sleep more rapidly if you place it on your feet to warm them up and favour relaxation!

How does the therapeutic bear work?

To activate the therapeutic bear’s effects, it must be heated in the microwave for 2 minutes or placed in the freezer for at least 2 hours before use.

Our little tip: if you have two therapeutic bears, we recommend keeping one cooled in your freezer at all times, and keeping the other at arm’s reach to heat up when needed!

Caring for your therapeutic bear

Are you ready to wash your therapeutic bear? Remove its cover before placing it in the wash. 

Warning: the cereal pouch should not be washed or get wet – otherwise you’ll need to replace it!

Béké-Bobo also has replacement removable covers for your therapeutic bear, to avoid waiting until the laundry is done to use your Béké-Bobo bear.

Handmade with love

Our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up is handmade in Quebec! Its removable cover is made with 100% polyester Minky fabrics, and the bear is carefully sewn together to welcome an organic cotton pouch filled with cereals. When you purchase a Béké-Bobo bear, you endorse ethical labour!