Adored by parents around the world, our absorbent food catcher bib fits your child up to the age of six, as it adjusts to their size thanks to the two snap closures located behind the neck.

Sweet and adorable patterns

Our food catcher bib comes in a variety of designs and colours, which appeal to both boys and girls. The front of the bib is made from very soft cotton and the bib is lined with absorbent cotton terry.

Ideal dimensions

Our absorbent bib measures 46 × 30 cm and is one of the only bibs to really completely cover your child’s clothes, given its large size!

A catch-all pocket for runaway crumbs!

Because food can quickly fly away at mealtime, our absorbent food catcher bib is equipped with a very practical catch-all pocket, which helps catch bits and pieces of food that may have escaped. Parents love it because it helps avoid having to vacuum after every meal!

Remarkable absorption powers

Lined with ultra-absorbent terry cotton, our food catcher bib for children aged 0 to 6 years old can absorb up to 180 ml of liquid… Which is equivalent to a full baby bottle! It’s a great ally when your child is learning to drink from a glass—or if your little one is spitting up or drooling a lot!

A bib that’s easy to care for

Like the rest of our products, our absorbent food catcher bib is easy to wash. Just run it in the washing machine with your regular load, rinsing it first if there are any bits of food stuck on it. Then you can air dry it, or put it in the dryer, depending on your preference!

Handmade with care

Hand sewn by our seamstresses in Quebec, our absorbent food catcher bib is ethically made.