What are reusable breast pads used for?

Reusable breast pads are a must for all new breastfeeding moms! Very soft and discreet, these small pads fit inside the bra and helps absorb the flow of milk between feedings.

Benefits of reusable breast pads

Unlike disposable nursing pads, their washable alternative does not stick to the skin—which comes in especially handy when the nipples are tender or cracked. Flexible and extremely soft, reusable breast pads are also more discreet and comfortable.

What are our reusable breast pads made of?

Béké-Bobo’s washable breastfeeding pads are made of 4 layers of fabric:

  • A layer of oeko-tex certified cotton flannel, which is placed against the skin.
  • Two layers of the same flannel at the core, to increase the nursing pad’s absorption capacity.
  • A layer of waterproof PUL fabric (100% polyester) on the outside for added security.

Size and shape of the breastfeeding pad

Béké-Bobo’s nursing pad measures 11.5 cm in diameter. Circular, it’s truncated at the top for more discretion, so when the reusable breast pad is correctly inserted in the bra, it doesn’t protrude from the top!

A set of 6 reusable breast pads

Our reusable nursing pads come in packs of six single-coloured pads. Several colours are available—as well as an all-white set for moms who prefer to be discrete!

Washing your breastfeeding pads

There is nothing easier than washing your nursing pads when they are soaked with milk. Indeed, like all our products, our reusable breast pads are washer and dryer safe… Because at Béké-Bobo, we know that real parents are often short on time!

Ethically made

Béké-Bobo reusable breast pads are handmade in Quebec, by our seamstresses. So you can be sure that your breastfeeding pads are the result of ethical labour!