Replacing your therapeutic teddy bear’s cover

Discover our complete collection of replacement covers for your therapeutic teddy bear!

Why should you get a replacement cover for your Béké-Bobo bear? There are many reasons:

  • Having one means that you can keep using your therapeutic teddy bear when its cover is in the wash.
  • You can surprise your child with a “new” teddy bear, simply by changing its cover.
  • You can replace your therapeutic teddy’s cover if it is stained or damaged.

Replacement cover for your therapeutic teddy bear for little ones

We have a vast number of replacement covers for your small therapeutic teddy bear. Come back often, we add new models regularly!

Replacement cover for the therapeutic bear for children aged six and up

We also carry a selection of the most popular replacement covers for your big therapeutic bear.

Replacing your therapeutic teddy bear’s cereal pouch

If your cereal pouch has accidentally been wet, soiled or washed—you will need to throw it out and replace it.

You may also want to get a second cereal pouch if you tend to heat your therapeutic teddy bear more than six times a day. This will allow you to alternate pouches and give your original Béké-Bobo bear a chance to cool off between applications.

To avoid having to purchase a new therapeutic teddy bear, Béké-Bobo sells individual cereal pouches for both the small therapeutic teddy bear and the larger therapeutic bear for children aged six and up.

Handmade with care

All our replacement covers and cereal pouches are handmade in Quebec, with love.

The replacement covers are cut, printed and assembled by our meticulous seamstresses—and our cereal pouches are sewn, filled and resealed with just as much care.

When you adopt one of Béké-Bobo’s therapeutic teddy bears, you endorse ethical labour!