A swaddle blanket that makes swaddling easy

Thanks to its clever design, our swaddle blanket provides good coverage for your  baby, even if they wriggle a lot! It’s also very practical to prevent a tiny foot or an adorable thigh from being exposed when you are carrying your baby in your arms.

The sweetest swaddler

Made from brushed polyester, our swaddle blanket is warm and provides long-lasting warmth, in addition to being incredibly soft. The choice of material is no coincidence—polyester dries quickly, so your baby won’t stay wet if they spill a little milk or spits up on their blanket. In addition, the fabric that makes up this swaddle blanket is breathable, which helps prevent your baby from sweating when they are swaddled.

A swaddle blanket for all tastes!

Béké-Bobo’s wonderful swaddle blanket is available in several colours and patterns. Let yourself be tempted by a feminine, masculine or simply colourful model!

Quality first!

Our swaddle blanket is of very good quality! It stays beautiful and soft for a long, long time. And it’s quite easy to wash! Simply toss it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Then, a little journey in the dryer and voila! You’ll be delighted to notice that despite multiple washes, your swaddle blanket does not warp at all.

Made in Quebec

Made in Quebec, our swaddle blanket is sewn with love, under ethical conditions! Its meticulous finish combined with its quality material ensures that it lasts a long time. You can therefore use it for a second, third, or even fourth child!