A bib with sleeves that lasts a long time

Our bib with sleeves accompanies your child at mealtime or during arts and crafts, from the age of six months. The first few months, you can roll up the sleeves a bit if they are too long. The great thing is that your child will be able to wear this adorable long sleeved bib for a long time… Up to the age of 3!

A smart and comfortable collar

Thanks to its elastic collar, our bib with sleeves is easy to put on and comfortable for your child. What’s more, the elastic collar makes it harder for your child to remove their bib with one hand during mealtime, unlike bibs with Velcro behind the neck.

A catch-all pocket that will save you from all kinds of hassles!

To avoid vacuuming after every meal, our bib with sleeves is equipped with a catch-all pocket that collects any runaway crumbs or pieces of food that may have escaped while your child eats. It’s a truly practical feature when your child is learning to eat on their own!

The most practical material

Soft, lightweight, waterproof and breathable, our bib with sleeves is made with food grade PUL. This polyester fabric is very safe and is known for its ability to dry quickly and allow the skin to breathe.

Washing your long sleeved bib

Just like all of our products, our bibs with sleeves are easy to care for. They are machine washable and can be air dried or tumble dried.

Making of your bib with sleeves

Our long sleeved bib is handcrafted in Quebec, by our meticulous seamstresses. It is therefore made with care, under ethical conditions!