• A waterproof long sleeve bib
  • Breathable food grade PUL fabric
  • Design: Pandas, foxes, tigers, and other friends
  • One size fits all for ages 6 to 36 months
  • 100% made in Quebec

Bib with sleeves – FRIENDS


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With its grey sleeves that match the flap and its black elastic collar, our Friends bib goes everywhere! Both boys and girls love its adorable design that brings all the friends together – Lea the Panda, Lennox the Fox, Sandeep the Sheep, Gwendolyn the Penguin, and Ryder the Tiger.

Does your child love animals? Béké-Bobo has other colourful styles.

A super practical waterproof long sleeve bib

Our Friends bib is super cute, but it’s also much more than that! It’s like an apron with sleeves – it fully protects clothes, making it a must-have for learning to eat on your own, and discovering the joys of painting and arts and crafts.

Parents love it because of its long sleeves, but also because of the elastic collar – it’s easy to put on, but hard for your child to take off with one hand. This is useful if your little angel likes to take off their bib mid-meal! The pocket is also very practical, as it collects food and crumbs that fall during meals.

The bib for ages 6 to 36 months

Available in one size fits all, our Friends long sleeve bib is designed for children starting at 6 months old. When your baby is little, you may need to roll up the sleeves for the first few months! But the bib grows with them, and your child can keep their beloved bib until they’re around 3 years old!

Ready in a flash!

In general – unless you have an incredibly clean child – you will need to clean the bib after each use. Fortunately, with our long sleeve bib, it’s easy! Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. If it’s really dirty, drop it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Then let it air dry, or soak in the sun, or have a run in the dryer.

Handmade in Quebec

Made with food grade PUL fabric, our Friends bib is completely safe. It has no harmful products like BPA or phthalates. Each long sleeve bib is made entirely in Quebec with love, under ethical conditions. Our Friends bib is eco-friendly, ethical and 100% safe!