What is the parapipi for?

Our parapipi makes life easier for new parents by absorbing surprise pees and avoiding unnecessary washing.

Indeed, it often only takes a little exposure to cold air for your baby boy to start peeing all over the place. By placing our small teepee on his penis, the parapipi absorbs urine and helps prevent messes.

A soft and absorbent pee teepee

Available in sets of 5 small cloth teepees, our parapipi is made from very soft patterned cotton and lined with very absorbent cotton terrycloth (100% cotton).

Gentle on the environment, too!

Did you know that by adopting the parapipi, you are also preserving the environment? It may seem surprising, but washing a small cloth teepee takes up much less water than washing soiled clothing.

Let’s not forget the time savings, because we know that life as a new parent can often be quite exhausting….

Made to last

Like all Béké-Bobo products, our little parapipi is made to last! It accompanies your little boy from 0 to 8 months, and can be reused for his little brothers!

How do you wash the parapipi?

The parapipi is very easy to wash! When it gets soiled, just wash and tumble dry it with the rest of your child’s clothes.

A handcrafted teepee

Our parapipis are handcrafted by Sylvie, a grandma who has been assembling these little teepees for pee, for over 15 years when she is not enjoying her grandchildren!