• A food catcher bib equipped with a catch all pocket
  • 100% cotton lined with polycotton terrycloth
  • For ages 0 to 6 years old
  • 100% made in Quebec

Absorbent Food Catcher Bib – Peaceful

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Give yourself peace of mind

How do you do that? By using a bib that really protects your children’s clothes. Our food catcher bib measures 46 cm x 30 cm, which means it covers a lot! And its pocket at the bottom catches the crumbs and food that goes flying during a meal, so that your child stays cleaner longer!

Amazing and absorbent!

It’s true – our food catcher bib is amazing. It’s also very absorbent, as it’s made with super soft and absorbent terrycloth! It helps lessen the mess when your child is learning to drink from a big cup – even a 180 ml (6 ounces) cup!

They grow up together!

This food catcher bib works right from birth – its absorbent material is perfect when your newborn spits up. But the bond doesn’t stop there. Your adorable bib accompanies your child when their first teeth start growing in! Because when teething starts, so does the drool festival. Later on, when your child is ready to learn to eat at the table, your bib is still useful with its catch all pocket at the bottom. Our absorbent food catcher bib is made to last. With its two snap closures behind the neck, you can adjust the size to fit children from 0 to 6 years old. 

It’s super easy to wash

At Béké-Bobo, we love children, but we also think about the parents! That’s why our bibs are not only practical, they’re also cute and easy to wash. When your food catcher bib gets dirty, simply drop it in the laundry basket to wash with the rest of your clothes. And there’s no hassle drying it. Our bib is happy either on a clothesline or in the dryer.

Sewn by hand

All our bibs have one thing in common – our seamstresses and their fairy fingers handcraft each one with care. And it’s not just done anywhere! They are all made in our workshops in Quebec, where life is good. Getting a Béké-Bobo bib means supporting ethical creations!


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