Our newborn baby gift set includes:

  • A burp cloth
  • A big hooded towel
  • A small, absorbent baby bib
  • A teddy-bear shaped washcloth
  • A small therapeutic teddy bear

Birth gift box – Observer


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The Observer gift box

Have you seen our Observer birth gift box? Featuring four must-haves to welcome baby into the world, our newborn baby gift set includes:

  • a burp cloth adorned with a lovely pattern;
  • a big hooded towel;
  • a matching baby bib;
  • a small therapeutic teddy bear that soothes your child’s aches and pains;
  • a teddy bear-shaped washcloth with an embroidered smile.

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What does our birth gift box include?

Our birth gift box includes a small therapeutic teddy bear, a big hooded towel, a burp cloth, a baby bib, and a teddy bear-shaped washcloth.

The burp cloth

Made with polycotton terry cloth, the burp cloth has a pocket located on the back shoulder which helps collect regurgitation and keeps the parent’s clothes clean. Our burp cloth can absorb up to four ounces of liquid.

The hooded towel

Our hooded towel set includes a large bath towel with a hood, which fits children aged 0 to 9 years old.

The small baby bib

The small bib protects your child’s clothing from dribble, regurgitation, and food spills. It also absorbs saliva when baby is teething.

The washcloth

Our adorable washcloth can be used as a puppet to liven up bath time and is large enough to fit Daddy’s hand. Extremely soft, it is made with the same terrycloth as the burp cloth. 

The small therapeutic teddy bear

Used cold, the Beke-bobo therapeutic bear helps relieve pain caused by headaches, toothaches, earaches (otitis) and reduces inflammation. 

Used warm, the therapeutic teddy bear diffuses a humid warmth that greatly soothes bellyaches, contraction pain, and allows the child to relax. It also helps soothe Mommy’s blocked milk ducts and reduces breast pain.

Handmade with love 

Our birth gift box are all handmade in Canada. By opting for one of our gift sets, you are sure to choose a gift made with love, in ethical conditions!


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