How to use the therapeutic teddy bear

You’ve adopted the Béké-Bobo teddy bear and you’re ready to discover its incredible virtues? Here’s everything you need to know so that you can naturally and effectively soothe your child’s pain in a few moments.

utiliser l'ourson thérapeutique Béké-Bobo

Hot or cold: that is the question

Before using your Béké-Bobo bear, check if it should be used heated or cooled. In the teddy bear’s packaging, you should have received a small magnet that you can stick on the fridge so you’ll have a reminder handy at all times. If you don’t have it with you, here is a quick summary of the aches and pains that can be relieved by heating or cooling the therapeutic teddy bear.

Teething or tooth pain❄️
Breast engorgement♨️
Stomach ache, constipation, menstrual cramps♨️
Bumps, swelling, bruises❄️
Growing pains♨️
Joint pain or sprains❄️
Calming, soothing effect♨️

If you can’t find the type of pain, you would like to treat with the therapeutic teddy bear in this chart, don’t hesitate to write to us! Our team is always happy to give you information on how to use the Béké-Bobo bear—but please note that we cannot give medical advice on your child’s condition!

soigner bébé naturellement bouillotte

Heating the therapeutic teddy bear

Now that you know whether your therapy bear should be heated or cooled, here’s how to heat it to relieve pain!

The small therapeutic teddy bear

Let’s start with the smallest therapeutic teddy bear, which can be used from birth in the presence of the parents. If you have a microwave, it’s really quite simple: just remove the therapeutic teddy’s cover and slip the cereal pouch into the microwave for 30 seconds at maximum power. Warning: make sure the microwave is clean before you heat up your teddy bear!

If you don’t have a microwave, you can still heat your Béké-Bobo bear using your oven. Preheat the oven to 450 F (220 C). When the oven reaches the desired temperature, turn it off and place the cereal pouch (without its cover) on the oven rack. Let it warm up for 4 minutes, then put the cover back on and test the teddy bear’s temperature on your bare forearm before handing it to your child.

petit et gros ours thérapeutique

The big therapeutic bear and the thermotherapy pad for parents

If you have the big therapeutic bear or our thermotherapy pad for children over 25 kg (55 pounds), know that the heating instructions are essentially the same as for the small therapeutic teddy bear, but the time required to heat the bigger formats is longer.

So, with a microwave, you will have to follow the same instructions (undress your teddy bear or remove the pad’s cover) and heat the bear for 2 minutes at maximum power. As always, test the temperature on yourself before handing it over to someone else! And, if you are heating your pad or large bear in the oven, you will simply need to leave it in a little longer (about 10 minutes).

Avoid overheating the bear

We advise you to heat your Béké-Bobo bear a maximum of 6 times in 24 hours. If you need it more frequently during the day, it is better to buy a second teddy bear and alternate between the two!

Cooling the Béké-Bobo bear

To avoid being caught unaware when a boo-boo occurs, we encourage you to keep your Béké-Bobo bear in the freezer at all times, well stored in a small airtight bag! This way, you’ll make sure it’s always ready to comfort your child when they’re in pain.

If in the event of a boo-boo, the teddy bear is not cooled yet, it’s not a big deal! You just need to store your therapeutic teddy bear in the freezer for 2 hours and he will have reached the ideal temperature to effectively relieve your child’s pain.

A little parent tip: keep two Béké-Bobo bears at home, so that you always have one cooled on hand and another one ready to be warmed up to relieve all aches and pains!

maman et bébé soulagés naturellement remède naturel

How long does it take for the therapeutic teddy bear to relieve pain?

Now that your Béké-Bobo bear has reached the perfect temperature to soothe your child, you may be wondering how long it will take for its therapeutic effects to actually relieve pain. The good news is that the Béké-Bobo bear works very quickly! 

In fact, it usually only takes a few minutes for its soothing effects to be felt. And you can leave the teddy bear with your child without fear for as long as you wish, since the temperature of the therapeutic bear decreases gradually.

If your child’s pain is not relieved after using the Béké-Bobo bear, we strongly recommend that you see your doctor, as there may be a medical problem at the root of the pain and the therapeutic teddy bear may not be enough to soothe your child.

Applying the therapeutic teddy bear to your child

To relieve your child’s pain, simply apply the heated or cooled teddy bear to the painful area. If you have heated the therapeutic teddy, we recommend that you first remove clothing such as pants with metal buttons or zippers, as the metal may become very hot when in contact with the warmed teddy bear and make your child uncomfortable during their treatment.

Don’t be surprised if the moisture from the hot water bottle causes your child’s skin to redden. If your child is comfortable and soothed, it is simply a reaction of the skin to the moist heat and you can keep the hot water bottle in place without fear. 

Share your magic moments!

We are confident that you will quickly discover the magical effects of the Béké-Bobo bear and that you won’t be able to do without it! Don’t hesitate to share your testimonies with us by leaving us a review on Google, on Facebook or directly on the Béké-Bobo website by looking for the therapeutic teddy you’ve adopted in the shop. Nothing makes us happier than to learn that one more tummy is soothed, and that new parents are able to sleep again!

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