Thanks to a powerful anti-inflammatory action and soothing effect, the Béké-Bobo bear is a trusted ally for parents around the world. This explains why so many parents adopt the therapeutic bear every year. But what aches and pains can this medical instrument relieve?

It soothes stomach aches

Unlike a traditional hot water bottle, the therapeutic bear soothes pain by releasing humidity when it’s heated. Originating from the cereal mixture in the teddy bear’s tummy, the humidity relieves your child’s stomach aches or mom’s abdominal cramps. 

It soothes toothaches

Thanks to its patented mix of organic cereal grains, the cooled Béké-Bobo bear releases humidity that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Pressed against the cheek, it soothes inflammation in the gums by reducing hyper salivation and acidity — which relieves dental pain.

anti douleur naturel

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It soothes earaches

Is your child pulling their ears and crying? Perhaps your child has swimmer’s ear? Whatever the reason, ear pain is rapidly relieved, thanks to the therapeutic teddy bear. When cooled, this medical instrument is the perfect ally for sleepless nights due to ear infections.

It soothes all boo-boos

When cooled, the Béké-Bobo bear relieves pain due to everyday accidents, such as bruises. It soothes bumps and swelling and comforts your child.

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Our clients love them because…

Béké-Bobo has been miraculous to soothe my son’s pains during chemotherapy. It also helped relieve his anxiety and stomach pains. Plus, Béké-Bobo offers fast and personalized service! Bravo! 

Mélanie Dion

This magical little bear soothes all my newborn baby’s discomforts. Baby grabs the bear and instantly stops crying when we apply it warmed on his tummy. Thank you Béké-Bobo, you are part of our everyday life since baby’s first day back home!

Amélie Archambault

It was the most useful baby gift we got for our son and it is still useful 15 years later. Great quality and perfect to soothe all his little aches and pains! Congratulations on growing up with us! anti douleur bébé, Discover the Béké-Bobo therapeutic bear — a fast-acting natural pain relief for the whole family.

Mélanie Landry

Warning! Despite the fact that our therapeutic teddy bears have numerous and marvelous virtues that allow them to relieve colic or soothe your child, they are not efficient if there is an underlying medical condition, such as gastric reflux, a food intolerance or an allergy.

If your child does not seem relieved, we urge you to seek medical advice. And remember… A baby, even when appeased, doesn’t necessarily sleep through the night!