Absorbent Food Catcher Bib – The Dream


  • A bib with a food catcher pocket
  • Made of soft cotton and doubled with absorbent terrycloth
  • A design sweeter than dreams
  • Loved by 0 to 6 year olds
  • Ethically made in Quebec

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The Dream – A Dream Food Catcher Bib

Does your little girl daydream at the table? This is the perfect food catcher bib for her! With its soft pink edging and multicoloured dream catcher design on a turquoise background, this adorable bib is also super practical – it catches all the food that slips through fingers while dreaming during meals!

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Every parent’s dream bib

Measuring 46 cm long by 30 cm wide, our food catcher bib is just the right size to protect your children’s clothes properly. The catch all pocket at the bottom of the bib is a great crumb collector, making mealtime messes a little less messy! 

Super soft cotton with its very own superpower!

Incredibly soft to the touch, our food catcher bib is made of cotton and is doubled up with ratine terrycloth. But that’s not all! It also has its own superpower – enormous absorbency. It can hold up to 180 ml (6 ounces) of liquid. This is very useful when your child is eating, and also when they’re showing the grown-ups how they’re learning to drink from a cup.

Who is our food catcher bib for?

With two snap closures to easily adjust the neck size, The Dream food catcher bib fits babies, toddlers, and even kids up to 6 years old! For the littlest ones, it’s perfect for teething and protecting against spit ups. Later on, our cute bib becomes an essential part of mealtime as they’re learning to eat on their own.

As easy as pie

Or almost! Is your food catcher bib dirty? Wash it in the machine with your regular laundry, and dry it just like the rest of your clothes! As it’s made of cotton, it’s really very easy to maintain. And thanks to its lovely multicoloured design, no one will notice if it gets stained! 

The bib made in Quebec

Just like all our bibs with flaps, this bib is handcrafted in Quebec, in our Béké-Bobo workshops. In other words, it is ethically made!


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