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The therapeutic pillow is just what anyone from 6 to 99 years old needs to relieve their  pain without using medication. For children weighing more than 20 kg (45 lbs).

The therapeutic pillow is just as effective as the little Béké-Bobo therapeutic bear that families have trusted for more than 10 years. The humidity it gives off after heating in the microwave or cooling in the freezer relieves pain.

It’s perfect for relieving migraines, joint pain, occipital neuralgia symptoms, osteoarthritis or sports injuries, as well as promoting relaxation.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in

​Usage instructions

COLD: Place in a plastic bag, which will protect it from food odors, and leave in the freezer for at least two hours. Take out of the bag and apply directly to skin.

HOT: Remove the cereal-stuffed pouch. Heat in microwave (1000 watts) for one minute, shake, then put back into microwave for an additional minute. Put cereal-stuffed pouch back into cover. To prevent burns, test on an adult’s skin before applying to a child’s skin. Do not overheat. Do not heat for more than two minutes.

Carefully read the instructions on the product before using.

​Care instructions

  • To wash the therapeutic pillow, first remove the cereal-stuffed pouch from the pillow. Then machine wash only the cover in cold water. The cereal-stuffed pouch is not washable. The cover can be dried in your dryer.
  • If the pillow has absorbed food odors from your freezer, simply add a few drops of vanilla essence in a small glass of water, place it beside the cereal-stuffed pouch in the microwave, and heat for 15 seconds. The odors should disappear.

The therapeutic pillow has a 100% Minky polyester cover, and a pouch stuffed with an optimal blend of cereals. It comes with a booklet that includes instructions and warnings.


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