Teething Bib – The Dream


  • A teething bib
  • 100% soft cotton, doubled with absorbent terrycloth
  • A design sweeter than dreams
  • For ages 0 to 36 months
  • Handcrafted in Quebec

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The Dream: A Dream Teething Bib

Does your little girl often daydream? This is the perfect teething bib for her! With its soft pink edging and multicoloured dream catcher design on a turquoise background, this adorable bib is also super practical – you can use it to clean up baby, all while keeping their pacifier or favourite toy in place!

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The teething bib: a safe bet!

Why do both parents and children love our teething bib?

Because it absorbs liquids

Able to absorb up to 120 ml, our teething bib is perfect for protecting your child’s clothes! This is very useful between the ages of 0 and 36 months, when the drool festival starts and spit up flows freely. And when your child is learning to drink from a cup, you’ll congratulate yourself on having a bib that is both adorable and practical!

Because it protects precious objects

Does your child like pacifiers? Do they refuse to let go of their teething ring? In either case, our teething bib lets you attach their beloved object to the bottom of the bib, so it’s within reach at all times! It also gets rid of the panic when baby misplaces their pacifier – or the stress when their teething ring ends up on the dirty ground!

Because it grows with you

Our teething bib can adjust to fit your child’s size, with two lovely snap closures. You can make it smaller or bigger, depending on your child’s age, and keep it for as long as they need it!

Dream instructions

What do you do if your teething bib needs to be washed? It’s simple – put it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, and dry it however you like. Whether that’s in the dryer, on a clothesline, a drying rack, or even a doorknob, our teething bib isn’t fussy.

Manufactured in Quebec

Our teething bibs are 100% ethical and are made with love in Quebec. They are meticulously sewn by hand, one by one, which is how they’ve earned the status “bib made with love”!


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