ART COLLABS- Small stories of art & illustration behind Béké-Bobo products.

The therapeutic bear brings relief to the everyday little pains. Yet the soft and cute cover remains what elevates it to the rank of companion of children….

With that in mind, we always keep a curious eye on the artists whose universe inspires us to add a little poetry around this medical product. The bear should be a faithful friend for children throughout their youth.

It was by discovering the watercolors of the talented illustrator Odette Mailloux, that Maggy imagined contacting her for a new cover.

Odette’s wish was to bring a magical touch, like the one found in children’s books, to the Béké-bobo little bear. As a mother of two and now a grandmother, Odette has created a design that will appeal to young and old alike.

So here it is, we present you the swan little bear! With an elegance worthy of the most beautiful children’s nursery, it will make your little ones daydream and bring them maximum comfort.

It was designed, filled with organic cereals and dressed in Quebec! Do not hesitate to share this little story to support a local and talented artist.

Like all delicacies, this bear is in a limited edition…

Feel free to check out this little bear’s page HERE.

See you soon,

The Béké-Bobo team

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