Therapeutic Bear Cover


Is your child regurgitating a lot and you don’t want to have to wait to wash the cover before using the bear? Here is the solution! A second cover also allows to use the same therapeutic bear for several different children by having a cover for each of them. Ideal for daycare centers, nurseries and large families.

Our covers are soft and machine washable.

The cover does not contain the cereal blend and has no therapeutic benefits without the bag of cereals.

Grounds Doux beige fille Doux beige garcon Doux bleu pâle ancres Doux gris chevrons Doux turquoise dots Doux beige Lama Doux dinos gris Doux paresseux beige
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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 0.3 in

Doux beige renard, Fox, Doux beige ananas, Doux beige fille, Doux beige garcon, Doux beige Lama, Doux bleu pâle ancres, Doux dinos gris, Doux flamants roses, Doux gris chevrons, Doux licorne rose, Doux paresseux beige, Doux rose fleurs, Doux rose fraises, Doux turquoise dots


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