Recognized as a medical instrument by Health Canada, the Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear acts as a natural pain relief for kids.

A medical instrument adopted by thousands of parents

Highly efficient, the Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear takes only minutes to act! Pressed against your child’s cheek, the cooled bear soothes toothaches by reducing swelling in the gums.

How does the therapeutic bear work?

The Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear contains a patented mixture of organic cereal grains that, when cold, release humidity. When the bear comes in contact with your child’s inflamed cheeks, its anti-inflammatory properties quickly relieve their pain.

soulager poussée dentaire

ourson thérapeutique crocodile bleu

A must-have for tooth pain at any age!

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, as well as its calming effect, the Béké-Bobo therapeutic bear is appreciated by both young and old! Safe and easy to use, it quickly soothes pain at any time of the day or night.

What our clients think about our therapeutic teddy bears

It was the most useful baby gift we got when my son was born, and it’s been useful for the last 15 years! Sturdy and perfect to soothe all aches and pains.Congratulations on growing up with us!  soulager poussée dentaire bébé, A solution to soothe teething pain efficiently and naturally!

Mélanie Landry

I received the Béké-Bobo teddy bear for my granddaughter. It’s the best – both useful and comforting for sleepless nights! 😍❤️🙏

Cynthia Notari

I love the magical Béké-Bobo bear! It’s part of my family, and it soothes young and old when they need it the most!

Lina Turcotte