Sleeved bib – HARRIET & CIE


  • A waterproof smock bib
  • A colourful design featuring turtles, chameleons, frogs and crocodiles!
  • Perfect for your little ones between 6 and 36 months
  • Easy to wash
  • Handcrafted in Quebec

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Harriet & Cie 

The Harriet & Cie design is very cheerful, bringing together several friendly animals. There are chameleons sticking out their tongues, crocodiles, frogs, and multicoloured turtles all in a festive setting! And to add some sunshine to the mix, this sleeved bib features a yellow elastic collar to match the long sleeves and catch-all pocket.

Does your child love animals? Béké-Bobo has other colourful styles.

It’s all parents’ dream bib!

Why do all parents dream of this long sleeved bib? Because it totally protects your child’s beautiful clothes, from their head to their belly button, including their forearms. And thanks to its elastic collar, your little darling won’t be able to yank it off with a (dirty) hand! The catch-all pocket at the bottom of the bib will also save you a few minutes of picking up food from under the table every evening after dinner. A dream come true for parents!

And once your child has mastered their table manners, you can use it for painting workshops at home.

Who can wear this smock bib? 

The Harriet & Cie bib is designed for very young children, starting at the age of 6 months. But it also grows with your children, up to the age of 36 months! If your little one’s arms are lost in the long sleeves, it’s an easy fix – just roll up the sleeves. This bib is very useful when they’re learning to eat on their own. It’s also great when they’re learning to make arts and crafts! 

Washing your smock bib

Nothing could be easier: the Harriet & Cie smock bib is machine washable in your regular laundry load. If it is really very dirty, just rinse it in the sink before washing to get rid of the extra food. Then either air dry or put it in the dryer, whichever you prefer! 

Safe materials and ethical manufacturing

The Harriet & Cie bib is hand-sewn in Quebec by our beloved seamstresses. It is made with waterproof, breathable PUL fabric, certified safe for your little ones. You won’t find any harmful substances like BPA or phthalates!


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