Pacifier Bib – Owls


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The Pacifier Bib is a very practical bib to which you can clip a pacifier, rattle, or teething ring. Our bib protects clothing from dribble, regurgitations and food spills. It absorbs saliva during teething, retaining up to 4 ounces of liquid. The pacifier bib is very useful in public places, as it keeps the rattle, pacifier, or teething ring from falling to the ground, preventing contact with outside germs. It also stops other children from putting the clipped-on objects into their mouths, protecting your child from their bacteria and viruses. The bib can be adjusted to two different lengths with snap buttons. We use cotton fabrics with bright colours and child-friendly prints to stimulate little ones and to make stains appear less noticeable. The Pacifier Bib is made out of 100% cotton.


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