Duo – Arrows


  • The must-have ensemble for children aged 0 to 36 months
  • A teething bib with “Arrows” pattern
  • A small therapeutic teddy bear
  • Our duo gift set is handmade in Canada

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The perfect duo for baby

Our lovely duo gift set features two must-haves for baby: our teething bib “Arrows” and a small therapeutic teddy bear that heals all booboos.

Do you love the gift set, but you prefer another colour or pattern? No problem! Discover our other duos, such as The Wreath, Dinos and At the seaside.

Arrows Teething Bib

With its pretty, colourful teepees, dream catchers, hedgehogs, and sweet baby bears, our Arrows teething bib stands out from the crowd! Discover this wonderful little bib that even has an attachment to hold baby’s pacifier or teething toy.

A small therapeutic teddy bear

Used cold, the Beke-bobo therapeutic bear helps relieve pain caused by headaches, toothaches, earaches (otitis) and reduces inflammation. 

Used warm, the therapeutic teddy bear diffuses a humid warmth that greatly soothes bellyaches, contraction pain, and allows the child to relax. It also helps soothe Mommy’s blocked milk ducts and reduces breast pain.

Please note that the teething bibs are identical to those seen on the photos, but that the pattern on your therapeutic teddy bear may differ depending on availability.

Ethically Made

Did you know that all our teething bibs and therapeutic teddy bears are handmade? It’s our skilled seamstresses that take on the task, in Canada. All Béké-Bobo products are ethically made and what’s more, they’re all made with love!


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