Food Catcher Bib – Hello Owl!

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  • A food catcher bib
  • 100% cotton, doubled with terrycloth
  • Owls and birds design
  • Made for children from 0 to 6 years old
  • Carefully handcrafted in Quebec

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Hello Owl

This food catcher bib features our friends the owls and their bird playmates popping out of their windows to say hello to each other! And if your little ones look closely, they can even find identical animals while waiting for their meal to be ready!

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From top to bottom

The Hello Owl bib really protects your child’s clothes, from their neck to their waist! Measuring 46 cm high x 30 cm wide, it does an excellent job of covering their upper body. And thanks to the pocket flap on the bottom, it catches all the bits of food that fall during dinner, protecting that pretty skirt or nice trousers!

It’s super absorbent!

Our food catcher bib is made of soft cotton and it’s doubled up with terrycloth, so it’s very absorbent. This material, sometimes called ratine, is not only really soft, it can also absorb a great deal. Try it yourself – you’ll discover that this bib can hold up to 180 ml of liquid!

Two adjustments from 0 to 6 years old

The two snap closures on our food catcher bib let you adjust the neck size for your child, from birth to age 6. At first, it’s very practical for absorbing all of baby’s spit up. Later on, when teething starts, they can wear it to soak up the drool. And when the time comes for learning to use a spoon at mealtime, it’s a definite must-have!

It’s super easy to wash

At Béké-Bobo, we love children, but we also think about the parents! That’s why our bibs are not only practical, they’re also cute and easy to wash. When your food catcher bib gets dirty, simply drop it in the laundry basket to wash with the rest of your clothes. And there’s no hassle drying it. Our bib is happy either on a clothesline or in the dryer.

Sewn by hand

All our bibs have one thing in common – our seamstresses and their fairy fingers handcraft each one with care. And it’s not just done anywhere! They are all made in Quebec, where life is good. Getting a Béké-Bobo bib means supporting ethical creations!


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