Replacement pouch for the small therapeutic bear


  • One cereal pouch for small therapeutic teddy bear (13 x 18 cm)
  • Does not include the removable cover
  • NOT machine washable
  • 100% made in Quebec

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A replacement cereal-stuffed pouch for your therapeutic bear for the little ones. Does not include the removable cover.

Care instructions

  • To wash your teddy bear, remove the cereal-stuffed pouch from the teddy bear. Machine wash the cover in cold water. The cereal-stuffed pouch is not washable.
  • The cover can be dried in your dryer.
  • If the teddy bear has absorbed food odors from your freezer, simply add a few drops of vanilla essence in a small glass of water, place it beside the cereal-stuffed pouch in the microwave, and heat for 15 seconds. The odors should disappear.

The teddy bear is 18-cm high and a little more than 13-cm wide. It is made of 100% Minky polyester and a pouch stuffed with an optimal blend of cereals. Tags with instructions and warnings are attached to the cover. The Béké-Bobo teddy bear is available in five colors and features playful drawings on its tummy.


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