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This set contains a Sublime therapeutic teddy bear, a multipurpose blanket and a matching pacifier clip. It’s the perfect newborn gift.

Sublime Therapeutic Teddy Bear:

When used cold, the Kissy Booboo teddy bear helps relieve the pain caused by headaches, toothaches and earaches (otitis), and reduces inflammation. When used warm, it diffuses a humid warmth that greatly soothes bellyaches, contraction pain, and allows the child to relax. It also helps to unplug Mommy’s blocked milk ducts and reduces breast pain.

The teddy bear’s size is the perfectly reassuring fit for Mommy’s hand. It weight allows it to be safely placed on your baby’s tummy. The Kissy Booboo teddy bear’s removable cover is now machine washable.

The multipurpose blanket can be used as:

A blanket where your child can hide their stuffed toys (in the pocket) or to warm up their feet.

A breastfeeding pillow when you are out and about.

As a sun shade or wind screen when you’re walking. Just attach it to the stroller or shell using the two clips.

A blanket for the stroller or car seat for children who move a lot. The two clips make sure the blanket stays in the stroller or on the car seat instead of falling onto the ground.

When you fold it, the blanket takes up very little space and converts into a shoulder bag that can be attached to the stroller.


Pacifier Clip:

This safe, practical clip is good for stimulating development because it makes a crackling noise as the child plays with the teddy bear. It’s very soft and baby will love to rub the teddy on their nose or cheek as they fall asleep.


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