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Crazy Kitten 

Sweet and resolutely feminine, this pretty, pink, sleeved baby bib features adorable kittens, surrounded by flowers and butterflies. 

Its long sleeves are pink, as well as the pocket, which is very useful for catching all the food that slips through fingers during meals. And to make sure your baby’s clothes stay clean, each long sleeve baby bib has an elastic collar – this way their bib will stay on!

If you’re looking for a more masculine or gender-neutral long sleeve baby bib, try Béké-Bobo’s Harriet & Cie design – all yellow, with exotic animals. Or take a look at the On the Farm bib, with chickens, tractors, and of course, wonderful cows!

A long sleeve baby bib for eating and arts & crafts

Our long sleeve baby bib works just as well for enjoying a good meal as it does for delving into an arts and crafts project. What do these two things have in common? Protecting your budding artist’s clothes! It’s a definite must-have when baby is learning to eat on their own. Parents love our bibs for their long sleeves, elastic collar, and catch-all pocket on the bottom of the bib.

What age is this long sleeve baby bib for? Our long sleeve baby bibs come in one size, designed to fit children from 6 months old and up. When your children are very young, the sleeves can be a bit too long, so go ahead and roll them up! In most cases, your child will easily be able to wear it until they’re 36 months old – both for eating, and for painting activities on the weekend.

Daily life with our long sleeve baby bib

As parents, we know time is precious. We also know how quickly we run out of time! That’s why all our bibs are machine washable. When it’s dirty, pop your long sleeve baby bib in the washing machine, and then dry it any way you like – in the dryer, hanging up, or even in the sun! 

The safe and ethical bib

Like all our long sleeve baby bibs, the Crazy Kitten was handcrafted in Quebec by our seamstresses. Made of food-grade PUL fabric, the material does not contain any harmful products that are unsafe for food use. In addition to safety concerns, your long sleeve baby bib is made with fabric that is comfortable to wear, lightweight, waterproof and breathable.


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