Sleeved bib – GROWING FAST


  • A baby bib with long sleeves
  • Lightweight, waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Gardening design, with adorable animals and plants
  • For children 6 months to 3 years old
  • Machine washable
  • Carefully sewn in Quebec

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Growing Fast

The Growing Fast baby bib with sleeves is made with three fabrics: pink waterproof PUL fabric for the sleeves and pocket; soft white elastic fabric for the collar, so it’s easy to pull on; and in the middle of the bib, a print of adorable animals with plants on their heads.

Does your child love animals? Béké-Bobo has other colourful styles.

A baby bib with sleeves that totally protects

Thanks to its elastic collar, our baby bib with sleeves protects your child’s clothes, and can’t be pulled off between bites! The Growing Fast bib is very practical, with a flap at the bottom to collect food, keeping their clothes clean during mealtimes. Its long sleeves also save you from changing their clothes after eating – our little monsters often dip their sleeves in their plates in a burst of enthusiasm!

What age is this beautiful bib for?

Our baby bib with sleeves is designed for children starting at 6 months old, but toddlers can also enjoy it! Children up to 36 months can usually wear this bib. And if it’s a bit big in the beginning, simply roll up the sleeves! Parents can get a set right when baby is learning to eat on their own, and use it even after they have mastered their table manners – it’s a practical way to protect their clothes when painting or doing arts and crafts.

Washing your baby bib with sleeves

After every use – or whenever your bib needs freshening up – simply clean it in the washing machine. It will quickly air dry, or pop it in the dryer if that’s easier for you. This bib is both practical and pretty!

Sewn with love in Quebec

Our long sleeve bibs are made in Quebec in ethical conditions, and are designed to last! The Growing Fast bib is made with food grade PUL. Waterproof and breathable, it’s a material that we really like.


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