Implications of Béké-Bobo


In 1997, I would have given everything to have a few hours’ respite from breastfeeding. My daughter, born a little too early, had a medical condition that required me to breastfeed every 2 hours, day and night. Fatigue and stress quickly settled in. None of the available infant formulas worked. I had to breastfeed for almost 5 years at this rate.

Today, I am very happy to associate my company and give my time in support of the Héma-Québec Public Mothers’ Milk Bank. I am proud and grateful to be able to help very premature babies and their families by supporting the Foundation’s efforts and by highlighting the importance of breast milk donations.

The Héma-Québec Public Mothers’ Milk Bank collects the milk, tests, pasteurizes, and then redistributes it to Quebec hospitals for the care of the preterm infants, born at 32 weeks’ gestation or earlier, who need it. Too often, the mothers of these little ones have not reached the hormonal threshold to produce milk and are therefore unable to breastfeed at the birth of their baby. Medicine has shown that a premature baby has a much better chance of survival if he receives breast milk in his early hours, especially if he has intestinal infections.

Thus we created a therapeutic teddy bear to support this extremely important cause. For each purchase of the purchase of a Special Edition Héma-Québec therapeutic teddy bear, Béké-Bobo will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale to the Public Mothers’ Milk Bank. Please, help us to ensure that these children can go home!